We are an independent, not-for-profit, charitable organisation operating in North Western Sydney since 2007, and run entirely by volunteers.
We enjoy Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, so all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. 100% of donated funds are returned to the North Western Sydney community, and no administration fees are deducted.

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The Foundation has established a number of programmes to help those disadvantaged in the community by providing additional assistance beyond that which is available from existing support services . We will continue to expand our level of assistance as funds become available.

The Bridging the Gap Initiative is a series of Grants that people may be eligible for financial assistance. Under Bridging the Gap are the following Grants

Sports & Recreation Grants

Essential Equipment & Services Grants

Crisis Support Grants

Disadvantaged Youth Education & Training

Mobile Cafe Project

This $ 100,000 Coffee Van project has been fully funded by small businesses who have come together to work collaboratively and is the first major social enterprise initiative by The Community Foundation Of North Western Sydney with many more to follow. The intention is to hire people with special needs and in crisis so that they can work and all proceeds will go towards charity and supporting the project. The coffee van will be available for hire with affordable hire packages to accomodate small business and community events, sports and special events. We intend to focus on ability of people and not their disabilities or issues and provide them a pathway to self esteem and financial independence.

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It is with wonderful to say that has not been the case, and our community remains a strong beacon of hope. This has proven true with recent disaster, COVID and floods. Our community stepped up, to support those who were in difficult circumstances. The level of generosity and giving has been truly amazing!

This spirit of giving and providing opportunities extends to many other activities within community. A great new initiative has been formed between Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre and Community Foundation of North Western Sydney. Both organizations are registered charities, working to offer valuable programs, services and opportunities to people in need.

Our partnership has formed an exciting new initiative to provide employment pathways for vulnerable young people. On the 21 April we launched “Project Barista Connect”, which will offer a 6 week program with tailored support solutions, certificate training, industry specific training and mentors, work experience and importantly, a pathway into paid employment within the hospitality industry. The project also provides a mobile coffee van, which can be booked by community, ensuring our young people acquire valuable experience.

Blacktown City has population forecast of 649, 961 by 2041. Given the rate of development that number will be reached earlier than projected. Our local Riverstone is looking at 300% population increase. Our North West precinct now has 20 suburbs!

The workforce participation rate in Blacktown City is 62.8%, and for youth disengagement, 15-24 year olds, it’s 10.9%.

We often hear our business community calling out for staff, saying it’s been difficult finding workers. Well, this combination of factors led us to believe that the collaboration between Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre and Community Foundation of North Western Sydney could make a difference. We have a solution to the challenges faced by community. “Project Barista Connect” brings skill development, targeted support and increased personal capacity for young participant, increasing the likelihood of securing paid employment. It also provides a newly trained workforce for local businesses. What a win for our region! We are “Building a Stronger Community Together”.

If you would like to know more about “Project Barista Connect”, or would like to get involved, please contact us.

We assist people less fortunate living throughout North Western Sydney covering:

The Hills, Hornsby, Hawkesbury, Blacktown and Parramatta

We are run entirely by volunteers.

All Donations are tax deductible and we take no administration fee which means 100% of all donations goes to helping people in need.

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